Sheets that Every Arthritis Sufferer Needs!

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Best bed sheets for arthritis sufferers

For people suffering from arthritis, everyday tasks can be painful, miserable tasks. And for many of the chores we have to do, there’s really no easier solution

Scrubbing a pot is scrubbing a pot. Folding the laundry is folding the laundry. But what about changing the sheets? Perhaps pulling the dirty sheets off the bed is not so bad on arthritic joints, but what about when they have to be put back on?

All that pulling, tugging, and wrestling that’s needed to make the sheet fit right and the corners to hold in place can be really hard on arthritic hands. Frankly, it can be pretty hard on non-arthritic hands. Not to mention trying to lift up a heavy mattress at the same time. 

But unlike scrubbing pots, there is an easier way to take off and put on sheets, with QuickZip, the two-part quick-change sheet system that makes changing sheets fast and finger-friendly. The sheet base is put around the mattress once, then the sheet zips onto it, lying flat and comfortable and never pulling up at the corners and wrinkling into a lump in the middle of the bed like most sheets will. And when it’s time to wash the sheet, all you do is unzip that top part, toss it in the laundry, and zip it right back on.


Arthritis sufferers bed sheets


No wrestling or tugging. No breaking your nails or straining your poor, aching fingers trying to get that last sheet corner down in place. Did we mention QuickZip sheets are easy to fold, too?

Take a look at our QuickZip Demo Video to see exactly what we are talking about.

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What about you grandparents with arthritis? You want to pitch in and help when that new grandbaby is born, as much as you can. You don’t want your arthritis to get in the way. And you certainly don’t want to use it as an excuse as to why you can’t help you.

If you live nearby, you might find yourself a frequent – and probably delighted – babysitter. If you are looking for a great gift that will make the new parents’ lives easier, as well as help you out when you’re on baby duty and need to change the sheets, you won’t find a better solution than QuickZip. This innovative product is currently available in a wide variety of crib sheets and great crib sheet gift sets.

If you have arthritis, why wrestle with tight and tricky bed sheets when there’s an easier, less painful way!

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