How Do I Protect My Mattress from Night Sweats?

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Night sweats

Purchasing a new mattress is an investment that will last you many years, and ideally, consistently provide you with a restful night’s sleep. If you regularly suffer night sweats, however, you may risk damaging your expensive mattress, decreasing its lifespan. There are ways to protect your mattress, however. 

Read on for helpful tips that can help you protect your mattress getting damaged from night sweats.

How can you protect your mattress from night sweats?

Breathable bedding from QuickZip can help you regulate your body’s temperature at night, which alleviates your night sweats, and protects your mattress. Here are some of our suggestions for how to improve your comfort at night:

Breathable Mattress Pads

A mattress pad is one of the most important products for protecting your mattress. Not only does our Brentwood Mattress Pad feel like a cloud, it also provides a layer of protection between you and your mattress. Our mattress pads are also thicker than most — the fill ranges from 35.5 oz (twin) to to 69 oz (king) — allowing for optimum air flow. The top and bottom are 100% cotton, which is one of the most breathable fabrics.

If you find you regularly want to wash your mattress pad, especially if you’re consistently drenching your bedding in sweat, don’t worry. We specially designed our flat mattress pad to anchor onto the bed with an elastic band on each corner–easy on, easy off. 


When it comes to comfort, you don’t have to compromise. Our Berkshire Lite Luxe Duvet Comforter provides warmth when you need it, and cooling properties for all-season use. 

We know that many of us can’t sleep without the comforting embrace of a duvet or a thick blanket. However, if you suffer from night sweats, it’s difficult to strike a balance between comfort and breathability. Our comforter does all that and more. Plus, you can wash it regularly, as it’s made of machine washable materials. 

For maximum air flow, pair our comforter with the New-Way Duvet Cover, made with 100% cotton. With an extra long zipper that goes along the bottom and side, this will be the most hassle-free duvet cover you’ve ever encountered.

Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets are a must have for sufferers of night sweats, as they are much more breathable than polyester. Avoid sheets with a high thread count, as the tightly woven threads don’t allow air to pass through. 

Opt for percale sheets, which are cool and lightweight due to their simple weave. These breathable sheets alleviate your night sweats, protecting your mattress and helping you have a more restful night of sleep.

Sufferers of chronic night sweats often wash their sheets daily, especially if they’re consistently drenching them with sweat every night. 

How do you know if night sweats are affecting you and your mattress?

Night sweats occur as a symptom of many different conditions, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly which condition is causing them. While many of these ailments can be remedied, others may not be. Talk with your doctor to determine your underlying condition that’s causing them. Some of the possible causes of night sweats include:

  • Menopause
  • Diabetes (hypoglycemia)
  • Sleep apnea
  • Medications (especially antidepressants or cancer medications)
  • Anxiety
  • Thyroid Disorder

There are many more conditions that can cause night sweats, but we strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor for a proper diagnosis, as the first step to dealing with your night sweats.

Other environmental factors can exacerbate sweating at night, including:

  • Temperature and fever
  • Having improper bedding
  • Little ventilation. 

After consulting with your doctor and possibly putting together a treatment plan, you will need to change the environment of your bedroom.

Changing your bedroom’s climate (turning on the air conditioner or turning off the heat) can alleviate your night sweats. Also consider:

  • Installing a fan
  • Opening doors and windows for a crossbreeze to have better ventilation. 
  • Ditching the flannel pajamas and thick blankets, and opting for more breathable fabrics.

We hope that these tips help you deal with night sweats and lengthen the lifespan of your mattress. For more advice on dealing with night sweats and determining the cause of them, check out our blog for regular posts. Sweet dreams!

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