A Guide to the Best Bedding for Hot Flashes

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A Guide to the Best Bedding for Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are an uncomfortable and annoying part of perimenopause that many women experience. Perimenopause is the period leading up to menopause, and many of the symptoms you might experience are caused by a decreased production of estrogen and progesterone. Hot flashes can vary in intensity, and may last up to ten minutes. Some are so intense that they wake you from sleep. If you are experiencing hot flashes to the point where they are waking you, read on for bedding recommendations that can make a difference for your sleep.

Best Bedding for Hot Flashes

Cooling Mattress
While many mattresses, especially recently, are made with “cooling” properties, others may actually be causing you to heat up at night. Memory foam mattresses are oftentimes the culprit when it comes to hot mattresses. Their dense foam, which molds closely to your body, has little to no breathability, which does not pair well with hot flashes. Latex mattresses or mattresses with coils and springs allow for more air flow and will help keep you cool.

Breathable Mattress Pads
A good quality, breathable mattress pad will take your bedding game to the next level. The thicker your mattress pad is, the more room there is between you and your mattress, which allows for maximum air flow. Our Brentwood Mattress Pad is thicker than most mattress pads available on the market — the fill ranges from 35.5 oz (twin) to to 69 oz (king). The top and bottom are 100% cotton, which is one of the most breathable fabrics. The pad is secured to your bed with elastic bands on each corner, and easy to take off if you want to wash it.

Cotton Sheets
As with a good mattress pad and mattress, cotton sheets can be a game changer in regulating your body temperature at night. Cotton, or any natural, breathable fabric is a much better option than polyester, and much more breathable. While thread count may seem irrelevant, it actually makes a difference. Sheets with a lower thread count are better, as they let air pass through more than sheets with a high thread count. To get even more specific, always go for percale sheets, which are cool and lightweight due to their simple weave. These breathable sheets could mitigate your night sweats, protecting your mattress and helping you have a more restful night of sleep. To start out, you can try the Percale Zip Sheet Euro Starter Pack, which comes with pillowcases, a duvet cover, and sheets in our breathable percale cotton. A customer of ours who recently purchased the starter pack used to wake up “soaking wet with night sweats”. They love their new QuickZip sheets because “they feel so cool and comfortable”.

Besides their cooling properties, these sheets are conveniently easy to change. If you suffer hot flashes at night, or night sweats, you may find yourself wanting to wash your sheets more regularly. The signature Zip Sheet easily zips on and off the base that stays around the sides of your mattress — this will be the most convenient fitted sheet you’ve ever owned. Once you have the starter pack, you can purchase separates, including Add-On Zip Sheets, should you want to change your sheets frequently.

Lightweight, All-Season Comforter
If you find that you’re unable to fall asleep without the comforting embrace of a duvet, but are waking up from hot flashes, you need the. Berkshire Lite Luxe Duvet Comforter. It’s made for all-season use, meaning that it has cooling properties but provides warmth when you need it. Plus, you can wash it regularly, as it’s made of machine washable materials. When it comes to comfort, you don’t have to compromise.

Hot flashes are an unfortunate side effect, and they affect up to 80% of people going through perimenopause. Some women have reported that they experience hot flashes for up to ten years. We recommend you consult with your doctor if your hot flashes are increasingly bothersome. There are some natural remedies and habit changes that can decrease the effects of hot flashes, and cooling bedding can also be part of your plan to minimize them. We hope that this guide provided you with some insight on how to manage your hot flashes with the right bedding in order to get the best night’s sleep.



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