Does a Mattress Protector Makes Me Sweat?

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Does a Mattress Protector Makes Me Sweat?

Mattress protectors and pads are an important investment because they extend the lifespan of your mattress and can provide you with extra comfort for a better night’s sleep. If you don’t have a great mattress protector, however, it may increase your body’s temperature when you’re sleeping, especially if you’re prone to night sweats or run hot. In this blog post, we’ll help you narrow down the reason you’re sweating at night, and help you pinpoint if your mattress protector is to blame.

What is the point of a mattress protector?

As you might expect, the main purpose of a mattress protector is to protect your mattress, especially from spills and stains, increasing the longevity of your mattress. Not only does it protect your mattress, it also protects you. Over time, unprotected mattresses accumulate bacteria and debris. Having a protective layer in between you and your mattress prevents you from getting sick and decreases your exposure to allergens. In short, mattress protectors are a win-win. Except when they make you sweat — read on to learn more about that!


Why is my mattress protector making me sweat?

If you’ve narrowed down all other possible reasons you’re sweating at night, it’s a safe bet that your mattress protector is the cause. Waterproof mattress protectors specifically might be to blame for sweating at night, if your night sweats aren’t a symptom of a medical condition. Similar to mattresses and bedding, mattress protectors can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, or when they were made. Older types of waterproof mattress protectors were usually made with plastic or vinyl, which are water resistant but limit air circulation. Nowadays, most water resistant mattress protectors are made with polyurethane, which allows for more breathability and air flow. If your polyurethane mattress protector is causing you to sweat, consider switching to a non-water resistant one.

Breathable Mattress Pads Can Make a Difference

Consider investing in a mattress pad to add even more distance between you and your mattress for maximum breathability. Mattress pads can serve a dual purpose, both protecting your mattress and making your bed even more comfortable. Our Brentwood Mattress Pad is thicker than most mattress pads — ranging from 35.5 oz of fill for a twin bed, to 69 oz of fill for a king. It also has a 100% cotton top and button, which in conjunction with the thickness allows for optimum breathability.

Is my mattress making me sweat?

Before you jump to the conclusion that only your mattress protector is to blame, consider that your mattress itself may also be causing you to sweat. As with most any product, you may find that cheaper mattresses are less comfortable and may even make you hotter at night. Memory foam mattresses are notorious for making you sweat, especially as they age. Because they are so dense, their capacity for air circulation is limited, trapping your body heat. They also, by design, mold closely to your body — as a result, there is less space between you and your mattress for air flow.

Is my bedding making me sweat?

Like a breathable mattress, the right bedding is key to maintaining a consistent body temperature at night. If you sleep with a lot of blankets, it’s reasonable to assume that those are making you sweat at night. Down comforters can also exacerbate sweating, as they trap heat. Even your sheets can make you sweat! Polyester sheets lack the breathability that makes cotton sheets so great. If you find that your bedding is at fault for making you sweat at night, try percale cotton sheets, which are cool and lightweight due to their simple weave. You can also consider ditching your down comforter. Our Berkshire Lite Luxe Comforter has the comfort of down, for all season use.

We hope this post helps you pinpoint the reason why you’re sweating at night, and find a solution so you can sleep comfortably. At QuickZip, we prioritize both comfort and ease, because we want you to love your bedding.