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4 Reasons to Get QuickZip Crib Sheets

1. Time Saving: Quickzip crib sheets paired with our waterproof flat mattress pads ensure the whole process of making sure a crib is clean and tidy is easy and takes no more than a few minutes - giving new parents more precious time to sleep in the critical first months after a baby's arrival.

2. Perfect Gift: Our sheets make an ideal gift to relieve stress in the life of any new parent you know. Whether it's for a baby shower or someone battling traditional crib sheets, you can rest easy knowing you're getting them a functional gift they will appreciate and use.

3. Safety: Safety is a big concern here at QuickZip, and our crib sheets are designed to create the safest possible environment in the crib. Traditional crib sheets can come undone from under the mattress, leading to loose bedding and posing a real safety hazard for a baby. Our design wraps around the bottom of the mattress with the zipper tucking away out of sight and reach for the baby, meaning our sheets will not come undone no matter how much your baby moves, pushes, or pulls on them.

4. Guaranteed Satisfaction:We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If you try our sheets and don't love them send them back. We'll even pay shipping.


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Crib Sheet Review 1

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How QuickZip Came To Be

 Elizabeth Sopher QuickZip

Elizabeth Sopher, Inventor & CEO

QuickZip started with an “aha” moment when new parent and Quick-Zip founder, Elizabeth Sopher, wondered if everyone struggled as she did to change a crib sheet. She knew there had to be a better way and started designing a new, improved, easy-to-change crib sheet. She believed that the sheet needed to save time and energy for parents; allow for fast changes; and be neat, secure and truly safe for baby. The result was a best-selling sheet that many parents have grown to know and love.


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