6 Back-to-School Bedtime Tips

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6 Back-to-School Bedtime Tips

Bedtimes are back in full effect with the start of school. Transitioning from late nights and sleeping in to a structured sleep schedule can be tough. Here are some tips to help start the school year off right with healthy sleep habits. 

Be Consistent

Consistency helps our internal clock stay regulated. While sleeping late on the weekend seems like a great way to get extra sleep, it can actually throw off your kid's routine. Keeping the same schedule throughout the weekend means they don't have to adjust every Monday. 

Wind Down

Starting a wind down routine an hour before bed can help signal your child's body that it's time for bed. A warm bath, reading a book, or hearing a bedtime story are possible relaxing activities. It's also important to keep screens off in this time. Studies have shown that light from our electronics can confuse our bodies making it hard to fall asleep. 

Keep it Comfortable

A dark room, comfortable bedding, and a cooler temperature will help the bedroom stay a tranquil place where kids can look forward to sleeping. 

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Say No to Sodas

Consuming caffeine later in the day can make it hard for your kid's body to naturally fall into its sleepy, relaxed routine. Stick with a non-caffeinated beverage at dinner time.


A Moving Body is a Tired Body

Make sure your child get's enough exercise after school. Sitting at school plus sitting at home makes for a restless body at night. Staying active naturally makes our bodies ready for a good night's sleep.

Be a Role Model

Monkey see, monkey do! All these tips are great for adults and children alike. Keep a consistent schedule with our own sleep habits and the rest of the family will follow along. 


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