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QuickZip products are available for all common bed sizes and many less-common sizes too!


  • Do your sheets work well on adjustable beds?

Choose a Base Kit

Every Quickzip Bed starts with a base kit, which includes two parts:

  1. A zip base
  2. A zip-on sheet

Extra Zip Sheets

Flat Sheets


Duvet Covers

Comforter/Mattress Pads

Select Your Bed Size

See Dimensions

  • CribDimensions: 52"x27"
    Depth: 5"-6.5"
  • TwinDimensions: 75"x39"
    Depth: 6.5"-10.5"
  • Twin XLDimensions: 80"x39"
    Depth: 8"-15"
  • Twin XL DormDimensions: 80"x36"
    Depth: 4"-8"
  • FullDimensions: 75"x54"
    Depth: 6.5"-11"
  • QueenDimensions: 80"x60"
    Depth: 8.5"-16"
  • RV QueenDimensions: 75"x60"
    Depth: 7.5"-13.5"
  • KingDimensions: 80"x76"
    Depth: 10.5"-17.5"
  • Split KingDimensions: 80"x39" (x2)
    Depth: 8"-15"
  • California KingDimensions: 84"x72"
    Depth: 10.5"-17.5"
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  • Flat Sheets (Non-Zip)
  • Pillowcase
  • Duvet Covers
  • Comforters & Mattress Pads

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