QuickZip Questions - Holiday Party Edition

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Photo Courtesy of Food and Wine_Milk Bar

Thanks for sharing your world with us again this week.  You told us that you will attend an average of three holiday parties this season (with some of you attending 8 or more!), and that most of those parties will be with friends and family, along with a few business and charity events.  Also, your great food and drink ideas and a few recipes are below.

As you showed us, business parties are losing their punch this year.  In a national surveythis year, only 36 percent of professionals described holiday parties as entertaining; in fact, 35 percent gave these events a negative rating.  If you work in New York, Miami, LA, San Francisco or DC you have more fun at work parties than those of us in the rest of the country.  Do you agree?

These data on top of concerns about sexual harassment in the work place and excessive drinking may make it a great time to follow the lead of QuickZippers  and hang with friends and family!

 So how can you host a great party?  Here are the top tips from QuickZippers:

  1. Make it easy: serve cheese and dessert! 

(Source:  QuickZip Questions)

  1. Have an assortment of drinks – both alcoholic and non.

Here are a few of your party favorites:





(Title image courtesy of Food and Wine and Milk Bar)