Introducing QuickZip Down Essentials

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Down Pillows

Years ago, a few days before my family descended for a visit, I was in need of a bed - I think for my mother.  I was in a teensy furniture store on a busy corner that always has everything and where I have always found what I needed; that day was no exception. As I was leaving the store I saw a beautiful, fluffy, luxurious down comforter.  I had just spent more money than I had at that moment, but, I was in love.  Exhausted from running around prepping for visitors, taking care of kids and working,  I decided I deserved that comforter for my own bed.  The owner was kind and threw in a discount as I added it to my final order. I have had that comforter on my bed every night since.  Occasionally on the hottest nights in Denver we do leave it folded up at the foot and use a sheet instead, but most of the time it is perfect.  

When I began looking for down products to offer our QuickZip customers I knew where to go.  I looked at the tag on my beloved comforter and called the company.  Down, Inc is a leader in the filled products industry with 60 years of experience and an exceptional focus on craftsmanship and quality.  

My own bed is completely outfitted with QuickZip and Down, Inc. products, and it is heaven!  I was the tester before we brought the down products to you so I have Down Inc pillows, the comforter you heard about, plus an extra layer of the Down, Inc Endure down blanket, my QuickZip sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases.  We do not use a flat sheet these days - as I always found it balled up at the bottom of the bed - and the New-Way Duvet Cover is so easy to change we do it every week with the sheets.  

For so many of us, this last year has brought new attention to our homes and heightened the desire for warmth, comfort and a place to recharge.  With QuickZip and these new down essentials, you can make your bed that oasis!  Mine is calling…...

Wishing you all the best.