Guest Blog: Monica the Gugu Guru names QuickZip a "Top Registry Pick"

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Guest Blog:  Monica the Gugu Guru names QuickZip a "Top Registry Pick"

We were excited today to see that Monica Banks, the founder of Gugu Guru, named QuickZip Sheet a "top registry pick" that "every new and expecting mom should know about." You can read the full text of Monica's post here.

 Monica also recommended giving QuickZip Sheet to new moms even if it isn't in the registry. We hear from a number of customers that QuickZip crib sheets are their go-to gift for baby showers, and that it invariably gets noticed as the "coolest gift in the room." Monica writes in her blog:

 "Here’s the thing about baby registries and registries in general, a lot of people will tell you that it’s poor etiquette to purchase a gift that is not listed on the registry.  I disagree with this notion and that’s because sometimes – as the old adage goes – you don’t know what you don’t know. Which brings me to QuickZip.  My friend and at the time more seasoned new mom, Debra, sent me a set of QuickZip crib sheets after I had my first baby.  I remember initially thinking, “Why would she send me sheets? I have a whole theme for my bedding picked out already.” She affixed a note to the package that read, “These sheets are the most genius thing that I have ever purchased. They’re a lifesaver.” How could crib sheets be a life saver? I was intrigued."

 Later, she writes:

"The QuickZip Sheets line is exactly what Debra described when I received her gift six years ago: a total lifesaver. Not only are these sheets quick to change, they’re also much safer than standard crib sheets because they wrap securely around the mattress – which means no loose bedding. Bonus!"

 Monica discovered what moms across the country are discovering, that QuickZip Sheets are a lifesaver for new moms! Once again, here is the link to Gugu Guru's full post.