Springtime drowsiness - We've got the fix!

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Sleepy pup

Hello Spring! 

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining (in some parts of the country):  we’re ready to conquer the world.  But have you felt an odd sleepiness?  We’re in it with you!  Spring time can actually be one of the roughest for sleeping, and that can affect your energy.  It’s Sleep Awareness Month so we thought we’d dive in and figure out what that is and how to fix it. 

Studies have shown that seasons do affect your sleep.  The timing of your sleep, wake, body temperature, and melatonin cycles advance toward the summer as light exposure increases, weather changes, birds start chirping, and depending on where you live, spring blooms triggering allergies.  Any or all of these can keep you from getting and staying asleep. 

Here are 5 ways to get your sleep on this spring, and sync up your body with your spirit.  If you are in a hurry, here is what you need to remember in 4 words:  ComfortableCool. Dark. Quiet.   

  1. Give yourself a break.
    Daylight Savings Time actually creates a disconnect between you and the daylight.  I always thought of it like jet lag, but when we spring forward, we are suddenly getting up at a darker time, losing our sync, and it may take a little time to adjust.

  2. Prepare for the temperature roller coaster.
    Best sleeping temps are cool.  Get your fans ready, unstick the windows or layer up your covers to adjust to the variation that inevitably occurs.  Most experts recommend natural fiber sheets– National Sleep Foundation recommends  200-400 thread  for  best breathability. (Check out our cotton zip-ons here)

  3. Black it out.
    As the days get longer, close curtains or get black-out shades to keep your room dark as long as possible.

  4. Block out noise.
    With windows open the neighbors and neighborhood fauna may start waking you up. Try a white noise machine or earplugs to keep things calm and soothing.

  5. Go with the flow.
    Spring time can be incredibly busy – from end of year school functions, to tax season, to new workout routines. Keep your schedule reasonable,  and then: Relax and Enjoy it!