Feng Shui for Everyone - Meet the Expert

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Feng Shui for Everyone - Meet the Expert

Meet the Expert:

Who? Laura Morris

What? Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Artist, Designer and Teacher

How? Helping people to transform their homes and their lives through mindfulness, feng shui, and creativity.

Why? QuickZip + Feng Shui = Ease + Flow + Sleep = Good Energy.

I interviewed Laura to learn more about her feng shui journey, and excerpts are below. Her focus on simplicity, thoughtfulness and intention make so much sense to me, and reflects the values we infuse into our bedding products. I hope you’ll be inspired, as I am, to make a few changes toward better energy this year. (I’ve got the QuickZip (of course) so I am taking the next step with paint for my bedroom! See the link to Laura's free e-book below for tips.)

What is Feng Shui?
Feng shui (pronounced Fung Shway) meaning Wind and Water is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Water and wind (breath) flows through all living things, this flow of energy or life-force is called chi. Chi animates all living things and circulates throughout the spaces we occupy, without chi, as without breath, there would be no life. Feng shui is the art of designing environments that enhance this flow of energy.

How could it help?
Chi can be positive, negative or stagnant. Homes or offices may have areas where chi is blocked, non-existent or even overwhelming those living there. To have a happy and harmonious home chi should flow like a babbling brook throughout a space supporting and energizing everything in its path. Implementing principals of feng shui can help clear the way.

You have a background in art and design, how did you get involved in feng shui?
I was running my own interior decorating; design firm when I began to practice yoga and meditation. I even became a certified yoga instructor! Soon after, I began to feel that my work alike was out of sync with my energy and mindfulness practices. I was helping people buy a lot of stuff; stuff they thought was pretty, but didn't really need. I had dabbled in feng shui for years and decided that this was the right fit for me. So I went off and studied it with the best teachers I could find. Flash forward to today, my business is now exclusively feng shui design, and my energy and work life are completely aligned.

What is the greatest benefit of following feng shui?
Gaining more awareness. The foundation of practicing feng shui is a connection with, and a sensitivity to, the world around you.

Where do you recommend we neophytes start?
The bedroom is the best place to start. It is a manageable space where you can make small, but significant changes. It is also the space that is most closely connected to your own energy. Is feng shui a lifelong process or can you start small and see improvements?  Small changes can make a big impact. You don't need to be a feng shui master to create change, and this amazing practice can be done in simple, yet meaningful ways. 

Can you share any customer stories?
People tell me all the time how they can feel the energy shifting and improving after a few simple changes to their spaces. I get emails, and comments from around the world from people telling me how they feel lighter, more energized after doing one of my feng shui projects. What I love best is how excited they are to continue exploring this beautiful practice.


Looking for more? Sign up for Laura’s free e-book, customized only for the QuickZip community: Feng Shui Bedroom Guide
This guide is a simple and accessible way to start using some basic principles of Feng Shui in your home.