Earth Day...Walking the Walk

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Earth Day...Walking the Walk

In honor of Earth Day 2021, we want to share a little information about about our continuing efforts to keep our sheets out of our country’s growing landfills. We love your business and are very appreciative of your orders and support, and we love our planet! We want to make sure we are doing what we can to keep our sheets out of the waste stream for as long as possible.

First, a few facts about fabric:

The EPA estimates that in 2017, of the 16.9 million tons of textile waste generated in the United States, only 15.2% was recycled, which resulted in 11.2 million tons of textile waste ending up in landfills. This includes clothing and towels, in addition to sheets.

According to the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART), nearly 100% of all used clothing and household textiles can be re-used or recycled: 45% are re-used as apparel; 30% are converted into industrial polishing/wiping cloths and 20% are processed into fiber to be manufactured into new products. 95% of all used clothing is recyclable, only 5% is unusable due to mildew or other contamination.

All these facts indicate the textile recycling industry in the United States has great potential to expand, given that 84.8% of used textiles went to national landfills and 15.2% were recycled in 2017.

We know that not everybody has the time or skills to repurpose textiles or linens into new items!! But, there are some easy ways you can keep your well-loved QuickZip out of the waste stream. 

We hope that in the near future, we can begin to offer more creative and sustainable solutions for you to consider when it comes to buying new linens and meaningfully disposing of your old, worn sheets. We would like to compile a directory of locations that will take your old sheets. We are also exploring realistic ways to consider taking back your old QuickZip linens, without too much impact on the carbon footprint with respect to resources used in shipping back to us or a recycler.

Here’s what we’ve been doing with your returns. Upcycling! Repurposing! 

We’ve given away cleaned usable linens to 2 local Denver homeless shelters. They have received duvet covers, comforters, pillowcases and top sheets.

We have donated zip sheets to 5 Colorado-based sewing and quilting organizations, and two Cleveland area sewing groups. These organizations have scores of volunteers who create quilts and blankets for use by newborns in hospitals, people in rehab, hospice and long term care patients. We cut some of the zippers out of our zipper sheets and fitted bases and then donate them to local artisans who use them in their crafts.


Another big way to help reduce waste is to double check your bed size before ordering. You can check our our size guide here.

We want to thank you for your continued loyalty and business. And, we want you to know that our small company is trying to do big things by keeping our textiles around for a long time, and out of the waste stream. We hope that you will consider not throwing your sheets away when you are ready to buy new sheets.

Here are some other ways to keep an old QuickZip in your lives, or the lives of others:

  • Rags. You can never have too many rags, right? Great for cleaning inside, outside. Especially helpful in cleaning windows of cars and houses. Our sheets are 100% cotton and that is great material for cleaning. They leave very little lint on surfaces.
  • Picnic blankets/beach blankets and baby play areas
  • Donate them 
    • sewing / quilting guilds and pet organizations are always looking for sheets and towels. Check your local fire department, they may need bed sheets for the fire fighters that spend the night at fire houses. Your local schools can use them in art classes!
  • Car emergencies. Whether your kids, grandkids or pets need cleaning up from a car ride, old QuickZip can be helpful to have in the car/trunk with you as part of your emergency kits. 
  • House projects -- drop cloths, wiping paint
  • Repurposing them for children’s clothing or curtains
  • Covering your plants for unexpected frost or freeze events...weed cover to go under mulch!

Happy Earth Day to All of YOU! And...if you have any photos of some of the things you’ve done to repurpose QuickZip...please send them to us! We’d love to feature you and your efforts in our  blog and social media apps. Please send photos...and any ideas about repurposing to:

Learn more about our eco-friendly manufacturing process!

Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART)