Blog review: Mommy's Favorite Things. "Love the system!"

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Blog review:  Mommy's Favorite Things.  "Love the system!"

Blog Review:  Mommy's Favorite Things 

When I first heard of QuickZip, I knew it was something I needed. With 3 kids this item is a must have.

QuickZip isn't just a standard sheet, it is a sheet that has a fitted base and the actual sheet part unzips so you can easily change sheets. Perfect for baby's crib when their diaper leaks, or if they spit up. Perfect for toddlers who are potty training. Perfect for kids when they're sick, and the list goes on and on. 

It is a fitted sheet that wraps around the corners of the mattress like any other fitted sheet, but then the middle top of the sheet unzips and you can easily zip on a new one. It is perfection!
We received the Classic 200 Starter Pack in Twin in Gray and an additional sheet in Gray
The sheet just zips onto it's fitted base, making it super quick and easy to change sheets AND takes up less space in the laundry.
You line up the tag on the top of the sheet and the tag on the base to know where to start the zipper.
Now, I feel maybe I jinxed it. My kids never get physically sick, it happens once every couple years in this house. But magically the week after getting this sheet, my 4yr old got Rotavirus, so we really got to put this sheet system to use. And it works magically! I loved that I could just unzip the sheet, zip on a new one and wash it clean super easily. I could put this and his comforter in the washer and it all fit because of the small size of the sheet itself as opposed to the whole base and everything. 
Overall: ***** Love the system and it works perfectly for our family.
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