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Bedding Buying Guide Part 2: Bedsheets

2 min read

Bedding Buying Guide Part 2: Bedsheets

Bedsheets: When creating the perfect bedroom and setting up for a great night's sleep, it's crucial to have the right sheets. This guide will provide you with the info you need to keep in mind when buying your next set of sheets.

Mattress size chart:When measuring your mattress for the perfect sheet fit, be sure to include the added height of any mattress pads/toppers.

Twin: 38 x 75”
Twin XL: 38 x 80”
Full (Double): 53 x 75”
Queen: 60 x 80”
King: 78 x 80”
California King: 72 x 84”


  1. Thread count: Higher thread counts means a higher density of material, translating to stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting. Although it can also contribute to softness, a higher thread count it is not necessarily indicative of quality. While most sheets are around 200 thread count, higher end sheets are usually in the 250-400 range. Don’t assume that thread count is the sole measure of sheet quality, as perceiving a difference beyond a certain thread count may be difficult, and some brands use tricks to make this number higher than it really is. For example, a double ply fabric with a thread count of 400 is often conveyed as 800. Many suggest that 400 is an optimal thread count, although personal preference plays a part in which sheet is best for you.
  2. Material: Sheet material also plays a large role in both durability and comfort. While most sheets are cotton, there are several subdivisions within this category that you should consider when buying depending on your individual needs and price range.
    1. Egyptian Cotton: longer lasting and extremely soft, Egyptian cotton is a great choice if you are willing to spend a little bit more.
    2. Pima Cotton: Pima has shorter fibers than Egyptian cotton, making it slightly less durable, but is still a great option and available at a lower price.
    3. Cotton / Polyester blend: the mixture of natural and synthetic fibers make for soft sheets that are also extremely easy to care for.
  3. Weave: The weave of a sheet is responsible for the finish and feel, so paying attention to this aspect can help you to narrow down to specific characteristics such as added comfort and warmth.
    1. Flannel: measured in ounces per square yard instead of thread count, flannel is brushed cotton which is thicker and great for cooler climates or winter months
    2. Percale: percale is lightweight, closely woven, for a smooth finish and crisp feel
    3. Sateen: with more of a yarn surface, sateen is extremely smooth, with a luster that makes it resemble satin
    4. Twill:yarn wrapped around itself creates the pattern of diagonal lines or ribs

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